Pain In Ball Of Foot

Are there nonsurgical options? Yes, and one of them can cost only a couple of dollars. In Bonnie Prudden's book "Pain Erasure", she discusses the option of getting an old pair of tennis shoes, cutting a couple of circles out of the sole the size of a quarter, and glueing them to a pair of shoe inserts (like cheap Dr Scholl's) at exactly the spot below the ball of the foot. This causes the weight to be carried longer on the big toe where it should be, and the second toe isn't having to try to do all the work. Gorilla Glue is a good glue for such a project. I have had PCOS for the past 18 years and was only diagnosed last May. I can't do crunches because of the way I am carrying my weight & the way the weight has pulled my pelvic girdle out of alignment instead of being= it's more like//. That's as close as I can describe it. Yes, I am going to a Chiropractor to fix it. Any suggestions? I wear an altered size 3x, because of my stomach, it really looks like a girdle of fat. I am so sick of it and now that Iknow what is causing it and there is hope, I want it GONE! I recently developed a sharp pain on the ball of my foot, just beneath the 3rd and 4th toe. It is very tender to the touch and I cannot put pressure on the foot. After doing some research it sounds very much like Morton's Neuroma, but there is something odd that I wanted to see if anyone knew about. When I immerse the foot in hot water (like in a jacuzzi), the pain completely goes away and I can stand and walk with no problem. When the foot is no longer in hot water, the pain returns quickly. Has anyone experienced this?ball of foot pain big toe Dancers are prone to developing sesamoiditis, as they spend most of their training time on the tips of their toes. Women who wear high heels for long periods of time expose themselves to the risks of having sesamoiditis in the foot. Runners who overpronate are likely to develop the condition too. People with high arches also place a great strain on the forefoot and are thus prone to developing sesamoiditis in the foot. People who have abnormalities in the foot bones and especially persons who have large sesamoid bones are particularly prone to the condition. I started with the right foot, which is the worse of the two, because the doctor warned me that the area might be sore for the first few days and I didn’t want to be completely crippled by doing both feet at once. The injection itself was no big deal; sort of a pinching sensation that lasted about 15 seconds or so. Because the injection contains a mild anesthetic I felt relief right away; in fact walking back to the car my foot felt absolutely normal for the first time in years. Rethinking shoes. Epsom salt is an old-fashioned home remedy, and it is still commonly used to soothe aching tootsies. This is because it actually works to soothe tired, aching feet. Fill a basin with hot water that is not too hot to tolerate, and add Epsom salt according to product label instructions. In addition to the Epsom salt, add a little lavender-scented essential oil. Although oil and water do not mix, the water will be delightfully scented. Although it really does not directly soothe aching feet, the scent of lavender will help enhance relaxation. Prop up the legs to encourage circulation, and sit back and relax to soothe aching feet.ball of foot pain exercises